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Saturday, May 29, 2010

What did she call this set of beads?

First off and foremost please let me explain.
Dear Anastasia,

I shall remove this blog post at your wish. I have not asked permission to blog about your beads, so accept my apology in advance. I thought this important as to the nature of the bead set and how it relates to Creation Is Messy Glass.

I am so proud of you, your talent and creativity the way you push the limits of the glass and design, as you continually think outside the box; you in my opinion stand out in a crowd of many many beads.

I am still in awe when I look at your focal beads and sets. I remember when Bonnie and I got the chance to fondle your beads in person when you came to the states. It's a happy kinda feeling you get when you touch one of your beads!

I logged into Facebook and there you were moving down the wall with an auction you have listed a lampwork focal bead called Storm II. I won your bead that you called Storm a few years back, this past Winter I finally designed a piece using that focal just for me. What struck me to go to the auction was to take a good look at it - WHY - for the life of me I can't find that necklace I made with that bead.

Okay, OKaY! I'll get to the point....

HAHA! You called this set made with Dirty Martini and Mojoito
You say in the auction.
"...not me while making the beads (the stringer lines are most likely proof...lol), but what would you think of glass going by the names "Mojito" or "Dirty Martini"? The beads most likely had a party..."

The auction state that the glass used CIM Mojito, CIM Dirty Martini, black, white and dark yellow. They are etched.

Ana, thank you for letting me blog about your beads!
Love Ya - Vonna -------------------> now off to bid on that bead - ;)